Why Is It That When Weak Men See Strong Independent Woman Slaying They Lable Them Blessees Or Slay Queens??


Another ruined great concept that almost set women free from man’s approval. A few months back the name slay queen had nothing to do with men or their childish egos, it had nothing to do with a man’s money or what he thinks of the name. The word slay queen meant independent women, it meant reaffirmation and reassurance to the girl child that she is just as great as any human being man or boy or blesser or whatever they call themselves today.

You have to understand why it is important for my species to continue insulting women every chance they get; it is the same reason you will never hear a white man applaud a black leader for anything because that would be admitting defeat or even allowing the idea that all human beings that breath are equal. It has become a generational mission although never campaigned or signed into policy that young men will use every chance they get to insult women’s achievements, discredit it and like what the white man did in natal during the 1990’s negotiations, paint themselves black and go kill people and claim black people will never lead because they are already killing each other. When there was stability the white man created instability and confusion.

‘Slay queening’ was never about check-in’s, the most expensive hairstyles or big booties, big breasts and iPhones on the mirror photos. That is just soft porn if you ask me, slay queening was bigger than a group of ladies checking into Bella Bella for a weekend away, it was bigger than ‘’Bereka Mosadi’’ another great concept that was also hijacked by the male species. Well man couldn’t have all that awesomeness and excellence dangling in his face, they couldn’t handle slay queens because slaying was about ordinary women who just wanted to say we are more than enough, doek, weave or short hair black queens where slaying. They didn’t have to draw their eye brows with only the skill of an artist to slay, nor did they have to show part/portion/full ass to qualify as slaying. So we reduced the whole thing to Ciroc and sky vodka photos, because man wanted to claim a portion if not the whole concept. Well they have their own version of slay queens who champion sitting on the left and crying for EFT’s, they can’t have women being independent because that threatens the very existence of patriarchy.

Although ordinary women who believed in the concept are still at it trying to keep it afloat and growing it. the truth is the soul of slaying is tainted, no sane mother would let their daughter slay because today my fellow species has managed to label slay queens as lazy women who look good with money they did not work for, this to them was an extension of their show off tendencies. Let me not lose you, why is it that the trending photos of slay queens have something to do with a man’s erection, how is wearing a bikini slaying? So simply because you half naked and have hundred thousand likes you are a slay queen?

Slay queening is about pride, dignity, identity, control, independence and the making of new societal rules. Instagram has tainted the concept, we can’t with a sober mind claim slaying was about just looking good, it was way bigger than that, it was about the ordinary Nthabi who graduated with a Bsc regardless of her background, it was about Lebohang who wakes up every morning to go press that till the whole day to put food on the table, these are the women who have butchered patriarchy and its senseless rules.

Before you post the next slay queen picture in attempt to discredit women, ask yourself what are you butchering? When your daughter grows up and asks you why you called yourself a slay queen at least be able to explain without including ‘’brows on fleek’’ because nobody really cares about brows in a society that still champions inequality, sexual abuse and sexism. You want to slay fashion or nudity or brows remove the queen because a queen is known to serve her people.

Dimo Wa Moraswi Sekele

Senior writer for Genius Level, poet, serial activist and has Entrepreneurship as a career of choice. Self taught Videographer and photographer... Click on bottom link to see other articles I've written...




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