I’m Not Racist (Part 1)


With all due respect
I don’t have pity for all you lazy Darkies, that’s the way I feel
Screamin’ “Radical Economic Transformation”
All the black guys rather be at the club balling than pay their lil cousin’s varsity fees
Yellin’ “White Privilege this”, “Fees Must Fall” and “Bring Back The LAND” and all

Talkin’ about apartheid like you was around back then
Like you was walking around with a Dompas back then
Like you was part of the class of 76 back then

Aight, look
I see a black man complaining about low pay and unemployment
But I’d rather see a black man stop being lazy and taking extended lunch breaks
And I don’t mean just for one day and you done
I mean, you still trapped in your primitive ways and all
And I work my ass off and I pay my taxes for what?
So you can get a grant, buy a gun and kill me on my own farm??
Steal my money and buy bottles for your so called black queens with fake hair and all
You already doomed
Can’t afford rent but walking around with R6K weave on your head
You darkies get your damn priorities straight
Wait, it’s like you’re proud to be black
But you lazy as fuck and you’d rather stick around for a Government tender
Than get a job, work hard and make a fucken honest living like the rest of us here
Get the tender and blow it all on nice cars and turn around and complain
About the poverty rate? Fuck outta my face!

You can’t escape problems
You can’t fight for the Land, you got no military training and all you Darkies lack unity
Got nobody else to blame, so you blame apartheid
Meanwhile your liberators loot public funds with no shame
Then you still go ahead and vote them back in power screaming I’m doing it for Madiba
That was an honourable man, it’s a pity he took to his grave the magic he had

I’m not racist, the guys who report to me are black
I’m not racist, my mother used to have a big painting of Nelson Mandela in her room
I’m not racist I got a friend named Chepo and my garden boy is black
I Got a brother who’s the black sheep of the family and his girlfriend’s black

My head’s in the cloud
Heard there’s not enough jobs for all the people in your house
Can’t ya’ll for fuck sakes use a condom for once???

I’m not racist, and I never lie
But I think there’s a disconnect between your traditions and mine
I worship the Paul krugers, study the Jan Van Riebeecks
But you speak highly of Biko like he was a fuckin’ god, oh my god!

And all you care about is dancing, partying and clothes
And stuntin’ and bein ratchet, and that’s the Darkie within you
Music rotting your brain and slowly start to convince you
Then you let your kids listen and then the cycle continues
Blame it all on the menu, blame it on those drinks
Blame it on everybody except for your own race
Blame it on white privilege, blame it on white kids
And just blame it on white citizens

I’m not racist
But there’s two sides to every story, I wish that I knew yours…
I’m not racist…

(Adapted from I’m Not Racist lyrics by Joyner Lucas​)

By Flabbo The UnAuthordox

Part 2 to follow next week…. (From the perspective of  Black man)





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