27 Confessions Of A F*** Boy – Confession #2 “LINDY”


Zodwa was introduced to the archives of my experiences, or lack thereof, and as spring brought a new sense of calm I met “Lindy”. She was two grades behind me, though she had curves so sharp they often left shafts standing hard. Our eyes met with a soft smile and giggle and our first kiss fueled a rush within my heart that I never knew existed within me. I admired her love for me.

Within two weeks of our affair she invited me over to her home. That day I found her with only an apron on. With minimal talk she led me into her room, where she revealed her shaved oven. I had known that she would serve me a plate but this was beyond what I had imagined.

With her thighs on my shoulders I edged closer and kissed her between her thighs, as I arched her back on salted linens. My blood was at a peak rush and I knew this time I shouldn’t mess things up.

Revealing my nude, I felt my crown stretch to a near burst. She held and led “it” to her worth, I dived and this time could not drown. My waist was loose and my motion was fluid. She exhaled, stimulated sounds that steamed up the room with passion. It was the first time that I felt the touch of sweat travel down my spine and in-between my ass cheeks.

I felt her loosen up and tighten up uncontrollably, as her pores exposed moans she failed to suppress. The situation grew feverish as she uncontrollably snaked on the bed until a sudden silence blew cold air between us. She almost seemed unconscious. I was still within her and I thought my thrust had slayed her. I had to check her pulse. Just as I was about to begin CPR on her she came back and just said “sorry”.

Apparently when her hormones reach a certain peak she tends to pass out. I really loved her though the thought of her passing out and failing to find her way back to certainty really cut me short. I just had to let go and focus on my trial exams…


Finally, we survived right through to the last term of the year. The school organised a camp for us, to help calm the pre-exam jitters. “Mella” and I shared the same bus seat. She was the quiet virgin type with big lips and I always wondered if her clit was just as inclusive. We shared a few laughs and our roads intersected as we decided to be mates at the camp.

On the first night I managed to slip from the tight guard and would find myself poking through her window. I found her asleep and just whispered her awake. She woke up with a smile and invited me inside her blanket. Her behind resembled a washboard and hardly gave me something to hold on to.

That night we kissed and as I tried my luck she cut my impulse short and left me counting the stars. We slept head and chest until morning light, with my veins had pretty much eased from last night’s disappointment. She invited me over for the second night and feeling all cozy around her I agreed. Just like the previous night I managed to sneak in through her window although this time I found her wide awake. We barely spoke, she ripped my shirt off, tore my pants down and threw me on her bed. Suddenly the nun had an itchy jar…  TO BE CONTINUED




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