27 Confessions Of A F*** Boy – Confession #1 “ZODWA”


So, I believe the revelation of my shame could save another from swallowing similar aches. Frail to the bone, as I am, I expect that all lights have dimmed whilst my debt has grown beyond the price of my soul. Whether I’ll live to see another dozen, I have doubts, my deeds have deceived my lifespan. To feelings I stirred and turned cold, I can’t even justify where my tars stood gravel. However, as long as my fate is still incomplete, I’d rather use my time to tell a sigh that led to this grief. It wasn’t all about pains and dosages as I was once young, fit and all smiles. When I had meat on my bones, I thought I owned wings and simply misread my circumstances just as an overzealous child does. My trail bared positive change and I curse the path that led to my closet. My pages have names and as journeys intersect, maybe, my scent was once in your space. So bond with my words as I have 26 experiences to share. A repertoire of intimate pleasures, from virginity to sickness “sex forwarded”! I’ll start where it all began and leave you with the seed, a question, in your thought. So it all started with a pimple and a name which happened to be:


A robust Z-grade perv, who was famed for having her head bobbing over unzipped school boys pants in neat swirl and sucking motions, during classes and also daringly swiping through lessons whenever fingers slipped down between her succulent yellow thighs in her oven. She was the small cookie type though fables and legendary tales told of her pasts who were larger than average rulers. Her sighs were as common as sense owing to the fact that she climaxed occasionally at the back of the school bus. She was clearly my senior because I was still in a phase where locked lips we glorious and sex was yet to be imagined. She often teased and tried to loosen my belt but unfortunately for her, I would shake her off. I was just a 16year old dreamer whose heart bled for distinctions.

Time went by and somehow the “virgin” title felt a bit slippery as most my peers had already been promoted from theirs. I had to experience this intimacy and somehow she was the type to free me from the burden of virginity. It wasn’t till summer faded right through the leaves of autumn that winter’s colds found us in heat.

Her skirt floated to her waist exposing a red cloth that covered her cookie. The moment was tense as her hot lips motivated my whistle to breathe eager veins. Blood rushing from the neck down to the toe. My standing man danced to her moaning as I touch her. As she lowered her red cloth beneath knees and breathed a sigh I only saw on mobile porn clips.

I saw my velvet target, and seemed to be breathing out oily breaths. Inexperience was the label attached on my forehead and just as I entered her lake my gun had an immediate misfire. I was through before I could even complete a single stroke. Deep inside her I knew I was a Jackass. she suddenly had this look on her face that seemed to blend disgust with disappointment. That one chance I had to prove that I was cool faded in a blink of an eye (literally) and she never spoke to me ‘ever again’!


Zodwa was introduced to the archives of my experiences, or lack thereof, and as spring brought a new sense of calm I met “Lindy”. She was two grades behind me, though she had curves so sharp they often left shafts standing hard…… TO BE CONTINUED




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