‘White Lies’


By Tiro Makhudu
It is tiring especially here in Africa where whites claim they found us in skins and without invention or innovation to better us and for which we should, at least in the view of our self-proclaimed messiah figures, be eternally grateful.

It is equally tiring to hear Africans use developments in Egypt and Timbuktu as a defense as if we’re all from there, notwithstanding the fact that the country is under occupation. That is to say populated by imposters. That, for purposes of this piece however,  is neither here nor there.

I want to make it clear to the black population (and I say black because to say African is to accept a label given us by the Romans as an identity and that seems somewhat if not entirely counter intuitive,) that white-envy, although deeply entrenched (by design) is heavily misplaced.

Two elements drive white-envy: the first is simple and quite natural. We wish and aspire to emulate their success and wealth. The second is much more sinister and tragically the one most difficult to deal with. This envy has its roots in decades of psychological battery and generational indoctrination.

The latter has been achieved by drilling repeatedly into the black mind that it is housed in a grotesque vessel and is itself inferior. That the best it along with its vessel can ever hope to be is a cheap imitation of the supposed superior white body and mind. Calling grown men BOY and an entire race monkeys, kaffirs or niggers are components of a far more complex psychological arsenal such as weaves and skin-lightening products.

To begin to undo this damage, we must first understand that our envy of the Caucasian is misplaced and further why their attack on the black race was and remains necessary.

The point of departure is an acute understanding that the fortunes of the Caucasian are steeped in a collective stupidity on a scale unseen anywhere in the world. This is qualified by the fact that white populations historically grouped themselves in the harshest and least productive parts of the world. With the logic that necessity is the mother of invention however, it follows [logically] that suffering birthed innovation while Africans thrived in abundance with no need to invent contraptions that have proven to burden the world with death and destruction.

But the innovative Caucasian faced a new challenge with each new survival (not comfort) inspired invention. Invention bred envy and envy bred war, war bred the necessity to advance in weaponry. As weaponry evolved, the intrinsically lazy Caucasian identified a new opportunity. That with his weapons, he could merely take with little effort or consequence and so he sought to conquer the world.
Arriving in Africa, they found an abundance of wealth and a paradise occupied by a people who had everything they could require to thrive with equally little effort.

But again the Caucasian wanted to take and take. Realizing that the native population was physically stronger but not impervious to things like bullets, inexperienced in large scale war and quite accommodating as a dictate of their innate humanity, they seized the opportunity to enslave them in order to continue to profit from their land and the cheap, uv resistant labor force.

The point is quite simple. White development was as much a knee-jerk reaction as the lack of yours which was consequential and not a direct result of your lack of capacity, that is an impossibility they even tried to write into medical science. Consider that for a moment.

The psychological warfare was and is necessary to subjugate you because a broken people are controllable and useable. The opposite of that is their biggest fear!!

What the sun-kissed man consistently fails to realise however, is that his subjugation is not premised on superiority but fear and cowardice. Juxtapose, for a moment, the world to a pride of lions if you will. To lead a pride and enjoy the largest share of the kill, you attack the strongest (at HIS weakest) and the weaker will follow you. Although the weaker know when you’re beat that you are stronger than them still, they will feel superior as, battered and bruised, you’re ostracized from your pride. This is why you see an otherwise inexplicable camaraderie between races in opposition to YOU and as such black poverty, black crime and black failure is almost a foregone conclusion in every country on every continent!

This is not to say black people are not complicit in their plight. After all, to withhold our labor from all industry (at least in the South African sense) is to bring said industry to its knees and by extension it’s beneficiaries and custodians. To withhold our money achieves the same thing. Supremacists not only fear that day for your labor but because with that resolution comes the death of their place atop the totem pole and the rise and return of your glory as you not only withhold the above but begin to invest it in reach other.

But first the envy must go, a task easier said than done because (to borrow from Bantu Biko) as children you grow up seeing your school as different to theirs, your roads as different to theirs, your houses as different to theirs and as a result, you are conditioned to see your blackness as an incompleteness and associate then, whiteness as the completeness to which you must aspire.

If we can agree that we have become complicit in normalizing this narrative, it is pressingly incumbent upon us to see the antithesis thereof come to bear upon the world.

know this in the deepest recesses of your soul: if you’ve ever prayed for rain, you have wished upon the blackest clouds in the gallery of heavens…

By Tiro Makhudu
Tiro Makhudu is an aspiring writer who has written for several local television productions and a voice screaming the narrative that needs to be heard with no one willing it to tell it. With an unapologetic, no nonsense approach, Tiro holds no punches and purports to wake the spirit of his fellow man with the belief that that woke spirit will translate into a sharp and pro-African weapon of a mind that will deliver the African from his mind, body and soul penitentiary. An Africanist through and through and all round social commentator, Tiroseeks to plant his tiny seedlings in the landscape of the discourse that will one day give rise to the brightest Africa that the winds of change and hands of time will allow




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