The Plane…


By Jesse Nashe

The plane flies
Rotors rumbling
Headed somewhere in hopes of landing soon
The pilot –

Me –
Has eyes forward
Only seeing clouds
Never seeing what’s down below
What’s to the left
To the right

At some point seats got empty
People hopped off
Their own volition
Others ejected

Remembering walks down the isles
When I’d stare at these faces
Faces that had smiles and fond memories
Faces that meant something
Now I see these faces –
Of those who haven’t left –
And some seem…
Strange thoughts evoked by their sighting
Disconnect with who I thought they are
And who they are now

The hostesses
Look like me
Catering to some of the hazards in my life
Giving options,
Alternative prospects,
For my trouble to grow

The passengers
The pilot
Spends too much time on his own
Became distant
Too preoccupied with the destination
That’s how he lost some of…
That’s what I heard

So when he sits alone
Waiting through his journey
He always looks back
Wondering who will come
Who will go
Who will be there when he decides

To look aside
See outside…

By Jesse Nashe




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