I’m Convinced Black People Is Good Folks! Can’t Say The Same For The Other Race


Now I don’t want to hear sorry ass excuses about how not all white people are racist, we formulate opinions and facts off experience of the surroundings we find ourselves in and the spaces I’ve have found myself in, the white people weren’t nice. I’ve always thought of myself as a courageous brother but the last time I wrote an article about race, my sister told me it reads as if it was written by two men, one black and one white and that was because I was afraid of fully expressing myself about how I really feel about the shitty ways white people treat black people and all other people of colour but then I realised I am bigger than that, we are all really.

I am convinced white folks feed off the pain and suffering of black people, white men rape black queens and not feel a single ounce of remorse because the system got their backs, the evil in their eyes at the sight of a black person and unbearably disgusting, the self-entitlement not only to property but also to humans as well is disturbing. Most of the reasons and excuses are quite petty and short-minded. The truth is I do not even have a mind map for what I am writing, I just took my laptop and decided to vent and rant.

But the thing is I am tired of other people making other human beings feel like they do not belong, to be real for a second I always imagine a world with no racism, no superiority over others, no suffering or pain brought onto one race by another, a magical place if you will. Then it hits me that I am just imagining a world with no white people, white folks can change a good man who never saw no colour and make him start to notice that his skin is darker than others and then when he starts hanging out with people of familiar skin colour, it will start to look like he is choosing sides.

When the truth of the matter is before white people woke up with the devil’s chip on their shoulders that made them feel bigger, the world was peaceful, now I don’t know much about history, but I do know black people are compassionate, loving, caring, protective and always got the backs of the people around them, the white man is the changing factor, it might seem harsh but I just hate bunking classes cause all my lecturers are white and I barely exist to them, tired of getting low marks and being labelled a copycat because my English is too polished for a black boy.

Do you know how crushing it is to see a smug face before you ask a white lecturer you don’t get this and that only to be referred to the slides then minutes later when a white kid asks a question dumber than yours the lecturer runs to their shoulder to explain? The thoughts of dropping out in those minutes but then you remember the situation you left at and that still can’t seem to make you feel wanted just thoughts of the burden put on your shoulders when your folks drained their bank accounts to send you to school?

Then needing books but can’t ask home coz they still have bellies to feed, leaning over to the system but they can’t fund you because the government can’t afford that right now? Or locking yourself in your room studying but then it hits you that when you finish you will have a debts and no job. The white folks don’t have to worry about this because they have empires built at the backs of strong black people… What I am trying so get across is white people are uncultured people who value their pet’s lives than the lives of black women that take care of their kids

And yeah white people suck, I will give them that!

By Rawlings Khoza (Blog – Rowling’s Diary)
Rawlings Khoza is a young man from a small but active village of Magorho then and now Tiyani. From a young age, Rawlings has always been into literature. Rawlings only started writing his own material in the year 2011, at age 13. But the love, passion and interest for literature started from as early as age 10. He would read, memorize and recite poems from




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