27 Confessions Of A F*** Boy – (Confession 1-6)


Written And Narrated By Koketso Dzumba

So, I believe the revelation of my shame could save another from swallowing similar aches. Frail to the bone, as I am, I expect that all lights have dimmed whilst my debt has grown beyond the price of my soul. Whether I’ll live to see another dozen, I have doubts, my deeds have deceived my lifespan. To feelings I stirred and turned cold, I can’t even justify where my tars stood gravel. However, as long as my fate is still incomplete, I’d rather use my time to tell a sigh that led to this grief. It wasn’t all about pains and dosages as I was once young, fit and all smiles. When I had meat on my bones, I thought I owned wings and simply misread my circumstances just as an overzealous child does. My trail bared positive change and I curse the path that led to my closet. My pages have names and as journeys intersect, maybe, my scent was once in your space. So bond with my words as I have 26 experiences to share. A repertoire of intimate pleasures, from virginity to sickness “sex forwarded”! I’ll start where it all began and leave you with the seed, a question, in your thought. So it all started with a pimple and a name which happened to be:


A robust Z-grade perv, who was famed for having her head bobbing over unzipped school boys pants in neat swirl and sucking motions, during classes and also daringly swiping through lessons whenever fingers slipped down between her succulent yellow thighs in her oven. She was the small cookie type though fables and legendary tales told of her pasts who were larger than average rulers. Her sighs were as common as sense owing to the fact that she climaxed occasionally at the back of the school bus the. She was clearly my senior because I was still in a phase where locked lips we glorious and sex was yet to be imagined. She often teased and tried to loosen my belt but unfortunately for her, I would shake her off. I was just a 16year old dreamer whose heart bled for distinctions.

Time went by and somehow the “virgin” title felt a bit slippery as most my peers had already been promoted from theirs. I had to experience this intimacy and somehow she was the type to free me from the burden of virginity. It wasn’t till summer faded right through the leaves of autumn that winter’s colds found us in heat.

Her skirt floated to her waist exposing a red cloth that covered her cookie. The moment was tense as her hot lips motivated my whistle to breathe eager veins. Blood rushing from the neck down to the toe. My standing man danced to her moaning as I touch her. As she lowered her red cloth beneath knees and breathed a sigh I only saw on mobile porn clips.

I saw my velvet target, and seemed to be breathing out oily breaths. Inexperience was the label attached on my forehead and just as I entered her lake my gun had an immediate misfire. I was through before I could even complete a single stroke. Deep inside her I knew I was a Jackass. she suddenly had this look on her face that seemed to blend disgust with disappointment. That one chance I had to prove that I was cool faded in a blink of an eye (literally) and she never spoke to me ‘ever again’!


Zodwa was introduced to the archives of my experiences, or lack thereof, and as spring brought a new sense of calm I met “Lindy”. She was two grades behind me, though she had curves so sharp they often left shafts standing hard. Our eyes met with a soft smile and giggle and our first kiss fueled a rush within my heart that I never knew existed within me. I admired her love for me.

Within two weeks of our affair she invited me over to her home. That day I found her with only an apron on. With minimal talk she led me into her room, where she revealed her shaved oven. I had known that she would serve me a plate but this was beyond what I had imagined.

With her thighs on my shoulders I edged closer and kissed her between her thighs, as I arched her back on salted linens. My blood was at a peak rush and I knew this time I shouldn’t mess things up.

Revealing my nude, I felt my crown stretch to a near burst. She held and led “it” to her worth, I dived and this time could not drown. My waist was loose and my motion was fluid. She exhaled, stimulated sounds that steamed up the room with passion. It was the first time that I felt the touch of sweat travel down my spine and in-between my ass cheeks.

I felt her loosen up and tighten up uncontrollably, as her pores exposed moans she failed to suppress. The situation grew feverish as she uncontrollably snaked on the bed until a sudden silence blew cold air between us. She almost seemed unconscious. I was still within her and I thought my thrust had slayed her. I had to check her pulse. Just as I was about to begin CPR on her she came back and just said “sorry”.

Apparently when her hormones reach a certain peak she tends to pass out. I really loved her though the thought of her passing out and failing to find her way back to certainty really cut me short. I just had to let go and focus on my trial exams…


Finally, we survived right through to the last term of the year. The school organised a camp for us, to help calm the pre-exam jitters. “Mella” and I shared the same bus seat. She was the quiet virgin type with big lips and I always wondered if her clit was just as inclusive. We shared a few laughs and our roads intersected as we decided to be mates at the camp.

On the first night I managed to slip from the tight guard and would find myself poking through her window. I found her asleep and just whispered her awake. She woke up with a smile and invited me inside her blanket. Her behind resembled a washboard and hardly gave me something to hold on to.

That night we kissed and as I tried my luck she cut my impulse short and left me counting the stars. We slept head and chest until morning light, with my veins had pretty much eased from last night’s disappointment. She invited me over for the second night and feeling all cozy around her I agreed. Just like the previous night I managed to sneak in through her window although this time I found her wide awake. We barely spoke, she ripped my shirt off, tore my pants down and threw me on her bed. Suddenly the nun had an itchy jar and within a millisecond she took charge and became the first to ride me. Her motion was lost in sliding and I felt her chest harden with each stroke made. In the heat her pace increased while her heavy breaths burst into merging tears. She rinsed me with sweat until a sudden burst of liquid happiness sprayed from her jar. After blinks of silence she just stared at me with delight and thanked me.

I could not help but beam like a fool when she said that she had never climaxed for so long before, it was the first time! Clearly I deserved a medal, however after the camp we focused on our exams and barely had time for each other. Eventually we both passed and cut ties after matric.


As I was excelling in all things “sex”, my academic life took a beating and my mediocre report did not allow me a scholarship. It also happened that my family was going through a domestic financial recession and I had to take a year off of my dream and I studied cheap computer courses, for that year.

Fortunately, I found a job as a call centre agent and that’s where I met “BK”. She had a raspy voice and her nipples stood firm like antennas. She wasn’t the type I admired but her uncensored behaviour attracted me and we shared coffee and lunch breaks together. I had just turned 18 and she was two years my senior. She always found a reason touch me in all of our conversations. After a month of coffee and chats we eventually shared a private moment at my rented room.

The wind whistled outside and our tongues where soon locked. I unfastened her jean, sliding my finger towards her invoice she stopped me to ask for a glass of water. Upon my return I met a couple of eyes glancing at me from beneath my duvet. Her clothes were on the floor and I knew she was my dish. As I creeped in next to her she reached for her handbag and took out a pack of condoms. She slid the rubber on my hard as she got on top of me. She nearly broke my man into pieces, that night she did things I had never even imagined. It was not until she came that I realised I had to even the strokes. Daring to impress her I worked beyond hell’s limits and while blood rushed and then the intensity dimmed as the deed came to halt when the rubber got torn.

She pushed me off her and gave me a spine of silence up until she left the next morning. She left me stunned and the next morning at work she carried on avoiding me. I was surprised by her sudden rage towards me and a pale cloud soon revealed her grousing actions. 3 days after our dithering night, I fell sick to a point where I could barely walk. I had recurring colds and fevers while a thick yellowish liquid seeped out my nozzle. Soon I realised she gave me the DROP and after a few days off with medication I went back to work only to find that she had resigned.

Well, time waits for no man to to dwell past circumstances I moved on. I accumulated enough money to enroll into University. To my relief I tested HIV negative a month after meeting her, and my fresh start really felt… fresh.


Campus life was truly a blessing and I devoured the whole experience as if to make up for lost time. This time my sex career would take a break as I focused on my future, I was studying again, I was motivated again. My life was back on track but my family would tend to b Vic about how much I needed a life (socially I guess). I grew pale and thinner as my skin barely felt the sun and my stomach barely had food. My life suddenly became numb and haunted by thoughts of success. I just had to take my parents advice and live a little. I started accepting social invites and attending campus parties and bashes.

Within a month I regained my weight and somehow I gained the confidence to accept academic failure as just another obstacle. I started attending workshops at campus and that’s where I met “Mpumi”. She was the first chubby girl I felt attracted to and somehow we got along quite very well.

We often spent moments busking in the sunset as we retold tales of pasts that grew a seed which sprouted into a relationship. She wasn’t just a girl; I felt the presence of a genuine lady whenever our shadows tied. For the first time ever I never felt the urge to undress her with my eyes. I guess I feared seeing her naked might just pour water over our spark.

One night she called and asked if she could come over to my place. I was bored myself and honored her solicitous suggestion.

Her eyes were smoky. Her voice was nude and each move I made around my room she stole my sight and bit her wet bottom lip. I had to match her actions and I decided to light a candle while I quickly made some noodles. The moment was tense and after a few light kisses she dropped her dress and revealed her skin to me. The moment was slow shared and as I slid her G-string down, I found a bush waiting to thorn me. Going down on her was suddenly not an option. My mind waddled, lost in that bush as it didn’t compliment her charm. To make matters worse my stallion became placid. I was so soft I barely made it in and after a few tries we gave up; I saw her eyes filling up. Deep inside I knew she was insecure about her body. She quickly dressed up and insisted that she would walk back home alone. For the next couple of days, we walked apart and her phone was always on voicemail.

Three months after the sad night I saw her at the cafeteria. I was a window away and she was standing on the queue to dish up. When she turned to me I saw a bump on her belly, turns out she was 5months pregnant. The thought of what happened that night suddenly came to me. She was pregnant when we met. That night’s commotion surely proved that my ancestors are looking after me. My failure to erect indeed saved me from this. My guilt subsided and I moved on like the sea breeze…


I had barely completed my first year and just on the verge of my second I was offered employment at the local post office. I decided to correspond and become a bit more independent. My life was slowly advancing and I started contributing financially towards my family’s woes. Carrying a sack of maize now and then made me sexy, who knew. I fell for my little sister’s friend. “Tshego” was her name and she was indeed a rare gem. Pleasing her was simple, she valued the little things I bought her.

She was a local dancer and most guys died for her firm body but now she was all mine and nights beneath the moon became mellow and yet sweet. She was stingy with her peach and gave me a cold run before she gave in. Her hole was tight and as she was my junior, sessions felt more like lessons. Skin to skin, we often spend nights sliding and growling… and she insisted we go for HIV tests. I had nothing to hide and I wanted to brew trust between us, so I took some time off of work and we went to the clinic.

As expected we both tested negative, as we headed back home I stopped to greet an old friend while she walked ahead instead. After short catch up with my boy, I followed her as she stopped at a gambling house known to be owned by a self-proclaimed witch. From a distance I didn’t understand why she stood there and when I got closer I found her having a conversation with the witch. To my surprise she was telling her how we tested negative and I was surprised, I felt our status was confidential. From that point on I grew placid towards her, she clearly had no maturity to maintain a descent relationship. For the couple of days she tried all tricks to sooth me but my mind was made up. As my family was respected and quiet in the community I couldn’t jeopardise our name by inviting in anyone who’d share our private business.


While healing from my disappointment my neighbour “Onica” somehow heard about my leave from Tshego and capitalised on that situation. One evening while we were chatting from both sides of the fence she decided to intentionally drop the towel she had around her waist. A fence apart she decided to leave the towel on the ground and bend over to give way. As we didn’t have street lights then, it was dark and she offered to please me from the small fence whole. I always had an eye on her and knew she had a crush on me. While bent over her meat peeped out of the the window she possessed between her thighs, and suddenly I had this rush which led me to unzip. A hedge apart she gave me an intense doggy session. After I released inside she wrapped herself with the towel and stared me with smiling eyes. She looked at me and whispered how she’d finally ticked me off of her “list”. WAIT, SHE HAS A LIST???? To Be Continued

Written And Narrated By Koketso Dzumba




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