I Wash My Bras Weekly Said No Woman Ever…


By Pamela Kunene

So I came across an incredibly thought-provoking post on Mzanzi Humor page the other day. It was something about whether guys knew the number of times girls wore the same bras without washing them, if they did they’d never want to hang out with them ever again!

I thought about adding a comment and asking if people actually wash their bras frequently, but I decided against it with the fear of embarrassing myself. Mzanzi Humor admin is savage you know, I thought he might end up taking my comment and turning it into a meme.

Fortunately, though, as I went through the comments, I found that, there are so many other women just like me. Those who also happen to wash their bras as infrequently as I do.

The comment section was hilarious, but I saw a platform or rather a community of women who understood and could totally relate to one another, as well.

They all understood how expensive bras are, and how even if you spend tons of money expanding your collection, there is always going to be that one favorite bra you will constantly choose over the others.

They were all still trying to figure out exactly how to hand-wash this particular garment no thanks to the bra-wires, foams and irregular shapes. After washing them, these garments get stretched out, limped, get this graying underthings that provide no lift or support whatsoever.

These women all agree that tits don’t really smell when they sweat otherwise by now they would have been subjected to nasty comments like “hey you smell like a bra”.

They have grown accustomed to coming home from work, taking off their cute bras and giving it a cursory sniff and then chuck it back in the drawer to wear it tomorrow. They all agree that washing a bra as infrequently as possible extends its life-span, hence it must only be washed when necessary. No one will understand this but women.

What intrigued me about this community of women is that, none of them actually cared about what the guys thought. The post transcended from the possibility of guys being disgusted by them, to these queens endorsing the fact that it’s okay to not wash your bra frequently.

They stood as one powerful unit and recognized something that would have been perceived as nasty and made it look cute and normal. Talk about the murder of a taboo lol.

Magic happens when queens collectively bully the status Que. Can you imagine if the female MPs stood up against the deputy minister who took part in physically abusing that young lady in that club and demanded his arrest?? No you can’t because we all know some of them do not care.

There are so many issues that we are subjected to daily, in the work place, in schools and hell everywhere we go.

Sadly, a lot of women keep a blind eye to it all. Ever noticed how women hardly interact with each other when they go to social sessions? But in contrast, men find it easy to talk to each other and agree on a lot of issues.

The bra conversation is an example of how a community of women from all different backgrounds can stand up, support each other, band together to establish priority of action, and address the issues they are faced with daily; in addition to that find solutions collectively.

This could be a liberation movement of dealing with the discrimination and the stigmatization women are faced to daily.

Pamela Kunene

Senior writer for Genius Level, woman empowerment crazy and actively planning to change the world! Was born for greatness. Click on bottom link to see other articles I've written...




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