If Genius Level Advertised Their Online Mag Like Apple…


We wanted to… rethink blogging and create something worth reading
Introducing Genius Level…
Carefully structured paragraphs and sentences permitted our most elegant style of writing yet.
We combined multiple bloggers, geniuses and writers to create an all inspiring environment we would like to call ‘smart writing
Smart writing allows the reader to know exactly what they are reading when they reading it
Genius Level… enhanced free writing for the modern world

But thats not all…

introducing Genius Level s
Genius Level s is what happens when idea meets keyboard.
When you look at our work, you see not the words only.
You see also the carefully selected font sizes.

That was intentional…

On each of the articles published,
we can examine the complexity that is carefully broken down to cater for all readers.
To change the way we experience reading, we had to change the reading itself…

& Oh, and, one more thing.

We have refined, and refined, and…
Refined basic topics that most write about.
The pictures that align with the topics discussed are there because we put them there.
The place your imagination goes to when reading our material is somewhere between genius and the mesosphere
The people who are genius enough to visit our Online Mag are those who do.

Genius level…. we bully the status quo

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If you interested in contributing please send us through your material on email address geniuslevels@gmail.com

Let your ideas outlive you





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