30 Worst Financial Decisions That South Africans Regret The Most


1 Spending on Booze for girls
2 Opening a clothing account and buying clothes I did not need
3 Spent a lot of money for my wedding day, been in heavy debt ever since
4 Saving less instead of more, but better late than never I suppose
5 Spending too much money on useless things.
6 My family convinced me to take out a loan to finance what was an overly expensive funeral
7 Not investing in Bitcoins 7 years ago
8 Me pretending to be Jesus Christ helping others while I’m also poor
9 Clothing accounts. Can’t be spending all my money on a monthly basis on paying that account for clothes I don’t even wear anymore
10 Having a girlfriend
11 Paying for the gym membership I don’t use
12 borrowing money from people and taking out heavy loans
13 MMM
14 Bought an iPhone for my girlfriend and the following week she dumped me
15 Buying a Citroen C4 car which in turn spend its entire journey in and out from the local mechanics,I curse that piece of sh$t namanje!
16 Giving money to churches and pastors
17 Weed, alcohol and many bad decisions
18 Paying for a qualification that I ended up hating
19 Boring a boyfriend money, never again. It turned out it wasn’t a loan
20 Buying stuff I didn’t need to impress people I do not like
21 Living with an addiction, drugs ruined my life
22 Not saving my hard earned money
23 Buying a car that I could not afford
24 Renting an apartment in Sandton to impress girls
25 Spending money before I got it
26 Eating out a lot and takaways
27 Paying for my then girlfriend’s university fees, she later married a guy she met in class.
28 Paid Lobola for a girl that later cheated on me
29 Black tax, found out later that my father took the money from my mother and bought booze with it
30 Spending all my bonus money in December

#MoneyMonday What are some of the financial decisions that you regret??





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