The Graveyard Slide Show Of Dreams And Ideas I Never Acted On


When I was finally laid to rest on that very sad Saturday morning…
I was greeted by thee very unfortunate souls like myself that had been laid to rest right after the body had given up. I’ve never really thought of the after life to be a ‘thing’ you know, so this was both creepy and fascinating all at the same time.

Before I could introduce myself to the group of gentlemen that had come to welcome me to what I assumed was the after life, they all almost immediately started telling me their life long stories and ambitions that were missed after realizing that that they have my attention.

They all spoke at the same time as if they were fighting for vocal dominance. The one wanted to tell me about how he always wanted to travel the world and climb mount Everest, the other had had an idea of building a smartphone that would outclass the iPhone. The other wanted to spent more time with his family… All of them had all these plans and ideas that were never realised or acted upon.

This is definitely the richest place I’ve ever been I think to myself, all so filled with ideas and plans that were never acted upon. I was stuck in ‘unexplored potential’ hell. Apparently this was the most vicious level of hell one can be. But here’s the weird part, all the people sent here don’t know it at all. On a daily, their missed opportunities to realise their full potential haunts them, day in day out they are preoccupied with telling anyone who’s willing to listen their dreams and aspirations that they never made time to work on…

In the mist of the confusion and with me reflecting on all the ideas that I had but never breathed life into, my morning alarm suddenly went off and there I was slipping away in a slow motion fall from the nightmare I just had. Do you know what’s the worst part about it? Even after this awakening I still pressed the SNOOOZE button that morning…

Stop sleeping on your potential, act on it now!!

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Kagiso Maloma

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