A Tribute To An African Giant, The Imminent Death Of The ANC


By Seitiso Ntlothebe

A narrator in A Hill of Fools, a novel by former Cricket South Africa president and medical doctor Mtutuzeli Nyoka, admiring the bravery and patriotism of Ajena and Moosa, two leaders of the ‘rebels’ who risked their lives to fight a rotten, corrupt kingdom of King Kutu for the sake of their country, Doma; beaming with pride, he tells us of these men that: ‘For them to lead was to serve.’

If Genius Level Advertised Their Online Mag Like Apple…

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J. Cole Disses Kanye West on New Track “False Prophets”


“He tell us he a genius but it’s clearer lately/It’s been hard for him to look into the mirror lately”

Music Video & Lyrics Below.

The Colonial Brainwashing That Led Us To Looking Down On Our Ancestors & Their Way Of Life


By Pan Africanism for Mzansi

Today most of us look down on our ancestors and their way of life. We think it was barbaric and backwards. Mostly its as a result of colonial brainwashing.

But one thing that made our forefathers wiser than us is that they were in control of every aspect of their community life, especially the means of production. Everything a locality needed was produced locally. From household utensils, clothing, to food production. They were in control of their political institutions, and made sure they worked for them.

Chicken Wings Chicken Wings

I sit in my chair,
My stomach is rumbling,
I await the oven with patience,
Craving those golden chicken wings.

Money Monday Advise From Jay Z, Kendrick, Nas & More Hip Hop Greats

“Let’s toast to paid up mortgages and lasting marriages” Talib Kweli

“Diversify your millions, you can live off the interest
Make every revenue stream flood, see where it took me.” (Xzibit,

“Cars is cool to cop, but more important is lawyer fees” Jay Z

I write merely to remind you that you have always known the solution to the lies beneath the surface!


By Tiro Makhudu

It is a decade old African liberation story curse. The hope that is suffocated by greed and corruption and a desperate people left in squalor in the wake of it all. As contemporary as it may be, it is neither new, nor here or there! It is the political equivalent of BIG FOOT.

Is this to say that the slum that is Alexandra township will remain thus while the richest square mile in Africa continues to thrive a mere five minute walk away?

Its About Damn Time African States Prioritise Each Other Before Western Imperialism & Ideologies (International Criminal Court Exit)

Should South Africa compromise State sovereignty over Relations with other member states of the International Criminal Court/ The Hague (ICC)? No they must not!

I personally feel nations that are raising qualms about the matter fear that African Nations that continue to be a part of the ICC would also want to leave. Imagine this, a UN organ, which western states exercise autonomy over, being left completely powerless sounds good right? I will explain why now.

The Institutionalization Of A Zulu Warrior


‘A contemporary view at the urbanization of a Zulu people that live in Jeppestown Mens Hostel, entrapped in believing that they can only amount to hostel life and  have no place for practicing their tradition and beliefs in the City.’

How FNB robbed Black Bondholders of R3bn and ended in the Equality Court

Article Originally Posted On www.uncensoredopinion.co.za


First National Bank (formerly Saambou) has for several years ripped-off Black bondholders in the low income housing market by manipulating interest rates. The financial institution is now facing legal action in Equality Courts in the Western Cape and Gauteng.

The complainants, thanks to the assistance of Emerald van Zyl, a financial investigating consultant, have lodged cases in the Equality Courts in the Western Cape and the Gauteng. The hearing in the Western Cape has been postponed to 1st March 2017 while the documents filed in the North Gauteng and South Gauteng High Courts have disappeared.

‘Men Are Trash’ Doom Them (The Growing Trend Of Bitterness??)

There’s a growing trend of mean, bitter and distasteful women growing on twitter and Facebook.

For some reason, ya’ll have justified trashing men on social media convincing everyone that ‘men are trash’.

We see you.

Revenge is poison and so is casting the hate. The problem is, such poison only poisons the bearer.

You heartbroken, Yes?

What Ever Happened To Working Hard For Sh*t??? By Nelson Moropana

Businessman Sleeping on the Job --- Image by © Sean Justice/Corbis

symptoms of a lazy generation

I can’t help myself but wonder what had happened to the good old “hard working” days – or should I say “working hard for your sh*t”. I constantly share this with friends as a concerned citizen that perhaps the greatest thing that separates my generation and the one before us is disappointingly not twitter, Facebook or Google. It is the overwhelming level of dedication and persistency in hard work in everything they do.

What Will Happen To South Africa Once All The Minerals Run OUT??

Mineworkers work deep underground at Harmony Gold Mine's Cooke shaft near Johannesburg, September 22, 2005.

Well it might not happen in the coming 2 years or 10 but we all know it is going to happen, the worst thing that can ever happen is to fail to plan to have this country running beyond the existence of the minerals. Well let us not look at the extreme possible situations, let us take the trying economic conditions that saw mining giants close doors and cutting employees as a lesson.

Do We Have To Pay The Price Of Traditional & Religious Unjust On Women With Economic Balance?? BY Dimo wa Moraswi Sekele…

Free on the oppressors terms, but what about religion and tradition?? Question and more questions.

Welcome to south Africa we are living in a democratic country with a lot of opportunities and policies that govern social issues from women empowerment to BEE and women empowerment being the main focus for today. I want us to focus on empowering black sisters daughters even mothers, just the empowerment of women in south Africa is work in progress with a lot of success of course we are just a step away from celebrating the success of this intervention.

Did You Know That 3000 People Commit Suicide Daily?? But F** That Ima Make Fun Of Them On Twitter

Social media is a cruel world, it just proves people don’t feel what they type they can only feel what they say


When history takes stock of each of our individual contributions to society and the progress of mankind, particularly the prosperity of black people, house niggers like Mmusi Maimane and groups of self-loathing black folk will find themselves on the wrong side of that history. I refer to these sorry souls as house niggers because as Africans are meted abuse on a daily basis, these individuals have imposed themselves as bodyguards of white privilege, defending their masters at every opportunity whenever freedom loving and equality yearning natives speak out against racism. Theirs is to pacify black anger and portray black pain as an exaggeration, an attention seeking stunt by a people who are supposedly lazy by nature. These are lessons they have absorbed directly from the master hence their religious stance; that their race, a black race, is inherently dumb and they, by their proximity to the white man are special. ‘You are not like the others’, I imagine the master would assure them.

Lost Manuscripts From A Conversation I Had with A Girl that Wasn’t There…


Conversation With A Girl that Wasn’t There…

The real question I really wanted to ask her was: Why the hell are you not here
Telepathic in her senses she replied: you not yet ready to receive me
Cunning in my ways I tried to smooth-talk her
Her never being there, she reminded me that I would really just be trying to convince myself from what I already knew… I wasn’t ready to receive her

I Have Decided To Not Wait For Any Man To Inject Worth In My Life… By Moshibudi Thatego Madia


I’m a hardcore romance enthusiast, from the cheesy, to the old school all the way to the new school, I’m infatuated by the theory of sparks flying and love the concept behind chemistry. Thing about being like me is that, the quest for that gag inducing romance is that, people watch movies, then use the cheesy one liners on oblivious people like me, then shit hits the fan pretty soon.


This post is either borderline satire or truth, I could not decide at the time of writing. All I know is that it is my sign of appreciation.

Doctors, mechanics, professors, the unemployed, politicians; whoever they are – if they are black and South African, Mgarimbe’s ‘Sister Bethina’ makes their world go steady-wild and crazy. Like LSD did to the youth of the 70s, but in this 4 plus minute song. Like how white people go crazy when Earth Wind & Fire’s ‘September’ plays – only rhythmically, ghostly and crazier.

It heightens our ratchet consciousness. It is our endorphin releaser. It cuts across professional prestige.

Download & View State Capture Report Here #GeniusLevel

After the High Court ordered the Public Protector’s Office to release the State Capture Report the office of the Public Protector did so! Click on the picture to DOWNLOAD the PDF version of the report or click below link.

STATE CAPTURE REPORT (Click red link to download)