“How’s he gonna fire me from outside the funeral.. He can’t even get in”

“How’s he gonna fire me from outside the funeral.. He can’t even get in”

Hah-aha, leggo

Yellow economy seats
Yellow skin popping
Yellow Efiling
Yellow top missing

Yeah, yeah

I got the press to down the rand, in two days
Media loves me, I’m on my Cool J

The Most Woke Verse Nas Has Ever Spit

Before we came to this country

We were kings and queens, never porch monkeys
There was empires in Africa called Kush
Timbuktu, where every race came to get books
To learn from black teachers who taught Greeks and Romans
Asian Arabs and gave them gold when
Gold was converted to money it all changed
Money then became empowerment for Europeans

New cabinet to be announced today (See List)

New cabinet to be announced today (See Prediction List below)

What Are We South Africans Who Are Called Free???

By Tiro Makhudu
So a colossal white male threatens a black woman in full view of her impressionable young children, while somewhere else in the same sad little, somewhat backward third world country, a black man retaliated by sending a white female into a top spin with a fearsome backhand after she dumped his food and smacked him in the face. This could very well be purely coincidental and if indeed coincidental, should be quite an indictment on the fabric of our society in all its colourful wonder.

Black Tax To The Power Of Six, Wait Seven – (Why The Black Man Will Forever Be Broke)…



Seizenina? translation what have we done? Well we the unlucky ones entrusted with the responsibility of building something from nothing… meaning using credit to create and build wealth. Wealth is generational, meaning it gets passed on from one generation to the next, in the case of us blacks, we need to first be creating wealth as currently we have non of it so as to eventually be able to pass it on to our children and their children’s children. Conditioning is a deadly virus, if your parents never had any form of financial literacy then chances are you too will eventually adopt their money mismanagement ways, then on and on such traits are passed on to the next generation and thus the black man is forever and will be forever broke and in debt…

Our Man Genius Monday For Today Is Nelson Moropana

I am writer, researcher and a creative director first before my entrepreneurial activities. Everything I do is a result of my ability to see connections and relationships between things. This results in having a lot of ideas, and as time goes on, you fine ways to commercialize them, hence The Brand Studio (TBS) was born, out of the love of seeing ideas as brands, businesses or IP come to life. I am Nelson Moropana.

25 Thousand Rands A Slave: "5 Genius Tips On How To Whip Your Way Out Of Bad Credit"


How To Whip Your Way Out Of Credit Slavery…

No Lupita Nyong’o to act you out of your bad credit? Or to keep you away from signing off your life to debt? No stress, Genius Level always got your back, No Casper the friendly ghost, rather think of me as Kagiso the friendly financier. Well not at all mythical, our methods have been tried and tested and they will definitely work for you. I’m going to cut much of the foreplay on this one and get it started.

I’m Way Too Cool & Civilized To Brag About My Culture

Poem By Kagiso Maloma
If Hollywood Was Proudly South African Maybe I would’t Be Too Civilized To Brag About My Culture…

Steady waiting for someone to make my tradition trend so I too can jump in and act all African about it
Steady waiting for Louis Vuitton to dig up my long forgotten attire so  I can scream out ‘culture appropriation’
You see they brought us Tarzen and made swinging on trees look kool AF
SABC can kiss my black behind I’m doing American reality TV now
Eating KFC, Tacos, Burger Kings coz I’m ‘loving it’ now



When you are well spoken, they say you are “vocal.”

When you love books, they say you are a “snob.”

When a woman is independent, strong and career driven, they say she is “bitter, self-centered and selfish.”

When you are ambitious, drive, with big dreams, they say you are “different,” and there is “something wrong with you.”

Why Women are Game Changers

Have you ever considered that women could change the game?

Back in varsity there was a period at res where men went through an intense bodybuilding phase . It was simple: If you wanna get laid get sexy. The pressure was on! The days of attracting women with ‘movies and wine’ in your cosy room was kaput. That movie and wine now had to come with a 6-pack and biceps. If not, it was Kleenex and Vaseline for you.

The 20 Habits of Eventual Millionaires By James Altucher


Always a Winner – Nelson Moropana

Business winner. Happy young African man in formalwear keeping arms raised and expressing positivity while standing outdoors

Three months later, 2017 has proven to be yet another year where you will be challenged to your greatest.

I like a challenges but there is a part of it that I do not approve of: losing. My deepest fear has to be losing. I hate losing. It terrifies me. It is scary, uncool – the worst thing ever, actually.
You can’t brag about this.

Why I Write – Avela Sidaki

Someone asked me why it was that I wrote.

Honestly, it’s like a soft breeze blowing over sun-dried straw.
The sound of a sharp pencil on the first page of a new book.

The Next Robocop – by Dimo wa Moraswi Sekele

While we are still faced with the current anxiety of mass youth unemployment in South Africa, we should not turn a blind eye on the potential of employment shrinkage that technological developments are set to bring. Much like wood, fire and paraffin stoves were replaced with electricity, solar and gas. Human labor might – could – be replaced by “robots”.

Why Men are Trash – Cheating… by a Man.


I wish we were living in a world where there was no cheating, but that is not the case. However, is the tedious heartbreak that comes with cheating necessary or inevitable?


Young man text messaging with young woman sleeping

By Rawlings Khoza
Unfortunately we still live in a world where men still cheat, well, to be honest women too but I want to share with you dear reader the reasons why MEN cheat and no I do not have the outmost experience but I do happen to be quite the observant fella. Okay let me stop beating about the bush and actually try to break it down for you:

For The Daughter I’m Yet To Meet…

By Tiro Makhudu
I seldom write about myself. It is what I believe, we believe, as writers at least, to be the hallmark of a real writer. The keen observer, objectively watching from a distance, holding no emotion in either direction but for some reason, moulding, shaping, meddling and influencing. We call it social commentary and for the most part we have the noblest of intentions.

MVZY – The Digital Man


I am the founder and CEO of my online entertainment company called MVZY (Pron. Mveezy). It’s a start up company born out of pain, hope and the sheer will to succeed. The company is focused on the entertainment industry. I currently have my own comic book universe called Rebel Optique.

Took A Lot Of Credit Just To Live This Here ‘Lifestyle’ … By Dimo wa Moraswi Sekele


The Black Middle Class Illusion

Post-Apartheid South Africa  has established a new classification of its own citizens by their economic status, talk of a confused country, by now there should be a balance between the Rich and Poor or attempts to achieve it, but nooo!! It’s rather used as a tool to measure who is the target market. One can quote Steve Biko and question if the struggle had direction or if someone along the lines forgot about such directions and formulated their own direction. Let us leave politics to politicians.

This generation and the next to come of blacks will not make it

This generation and the next to come of blacks will not make it. Let us be honest our grandparents and people before that have been through some intense times, from having their history whitewashed, to being enslaved, to having apartheid and what is worse is that currently