Genius Level Hypeman

After being bombarded with the subtle imprinting on my subconscious that has been going on, on my twitter and bbm for what feels like almost a year now, regarding this Genius Level thing, I found myself reading the Blog. At first, I thought Genius Level was some new catch phrase with a hashtag next to it that I wasn’t quite catching on or two words that one (Kagiso) says to themselves to assure themselves that they are cool, of higher intellect than their counterparts or that they have life figured out. Mine is #LiveForever. Anyway, I took a bash at reading the blog and the further I got the more one thing became certain; I needed to contribute. And so the same way this all began, I sent a BBM and I was well on my way, and I decided to start it like this. See what I did there, the beginning had begun and I haven’t even began yet #GeniusLevel.

Happy Heritage Month To My Landless Africans

I am happy we are wearing fabrics that represent our African colors, I am happy we are greeting each other in our indigenous languages listening to our music and dance (that is us Africans) I am happy we have the whole month to celebrate being Africans but can I ask you, did we fall out of the sky?

Nasty C Decided To Drop His Album For Free (Download Here) #FreeTheMusic

Nasty C decided to drop his debut album Bad Hair for free on Audiomac, see below for download link. Enjoy and shout-out to Nasty for the music! There had been delays in having key samples on the album cleared leading up to the release date. Buy hey, if you already promised the fans the music you godda deliver and deliver he did regardless of the hold-backs

Free the music!!

Africa Needed Muammar Gaddafi And NATO Knew That (The Killing Of An African Vision)

The fact that he was killed on the African soil for crimes apparently he committed against African people but was killed by international forces (NATO) should immediately raise a red flag; something is definitely fishy here. Why was he shot? Libya mourns the loss and Africa feels the pain of losing their son whom was lost due to nothing but an ideology.

Society’s Hatred for Gay People

Today I saw these guys insulting and ill-treating this young man. I observed this for a while trying to figure out why were they doing this. They finally brought it up that they were insulting him even assaulting him because he is gay. I then thought to myself but why?

There Really Should Be No difference Between A Relationship And Marriage

I read “Think like a man and act like a lady” the contradiction in that book blocks the sun literally, so she is supposed to think like me and act differently. Look my thoughts primarily influence my actions, so thinking like me and acting differently defeat the purpose of thinking and reduces the whole thing to a mind game.

Four Nigerian School Girls Invent First Ever Urine Powered Generator #WomanGeniusWednesday

It is rare to see Africans rejoicing in each other’s success, and I have noticed it is especially difficult for South Africans. This entire superiority complex exists amongst Africans, it’s as if we try so hard to beat each other instead of encouraging each other. Further existing within a patriarchal Africa we hardly ever rejoice in the success of our females and another group of people the African community neglects are our youth despite them being the majority. This Women Genius Wednesday article covers those that our African community often forget, and this week Genius level presents four young Nigerian girls that have invented a urine powered generator. How is that for black girl magic?

We Are All Wealthy, Most Just Don’t Know How To Receive Their Wealth {#InspirationWednesday With Roka Roko}

If you look around you a lot like a I do constantly, you will start to realize that there is just WAY TOO MUCH MONEY FLOATING.  I mean look at what happened at Mall of Africa last a few months ago during the grand opening. There was literally traffic to go into a mall!! So much so that using the N1 around Johannesburg and Pretoria was somewhat a suicide mission…and the following day…and the next…. This sudden hype created a lot of conversations between me and those close to me, about how gullible the South African customer is, and how deep and huge consumerism has become in South Africa.

The Pillars Of Our Democracy Have Collapsed

I want to believe that there was a time when these pillars were firmly strong; I want to recall cases of the office of the public protector before Thuli Madonsela. The truth of the matter is the office of the public protector existed in theory until a few years back, the NPA has always been corrupt dating back to 2005 and the parliament has always been the same way it is now.

ANC Has Mastered The Art Of Dis-empowering The Majority So That They Continue Depending On Them

Well I am certain you think what the hell am I on about… Well the ANC has managed to survive as a feeder, provider and savior of the poor. The intentions might have been good, but we all know that it’s the selling point of the ANC, we have heard them threaten the poor that if they are voted out the FREE services/grants will be discontinued.

Rest In Peace Mduduzi ‘Mandoza’ Tshabalala

kwaito musician and star Mduduzi “Mandoza” Tshabalala age 38, lost his battle to cancer a year after he was diagnosed with Brain tumor, this man will go down in the history as the only kwaito artist and one of the few artist in south Africa to ever make the whole nation dance regardless of their skin color, social status or gender. The star is well known for his track Nkalakatha that was for a very long time a party theme and still to date holds much weight. Mandoza as he’s famously known was born in Soweto and at the age of 16 charged and arrested but a year later started a kwaito group called Chiskop. It was only in 1999 that he started a solo career selling more than 100,000 units with his album 9II5 Zola South.

Anti-gay American pastor Steven Anderson will not be granted a visa to visit South Africa

Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba has announced that anti-gay American pastor Steven Anderson will not be granted a visa to visit South Africa. ”Mr Steven Anderson and members and/or associates of his church are prohibited from entering the Republic of South Africa,” Gigaba announced in Parliament on Tuesday morning. The Department of Home Affairs Department has previously promised to act if Anderson ‘spews hate speech’ on South African soil, with Minister Gigaba saying at the time that the department had no legal standing to stop him from entering the country. Provisions of the immigration act only applied where someone had committed a crime locally or internationally.


If you are a person of faith then you know that there’s a certain way in which you should live your life, certain rules and customs that you’re supposed to live by, you know the Word and you can tell apart what’s right from wrong.We are ,however, very choosy people, we pick which part of being a Christian to acknowledge and which part to ignore. We live by the chapters of the Word that are convenient to our lives, and act like the others don’t exist,for example, we are conscious of certain sins, that we do everything in our power to stay away from those sins while normalising others and committing them on a day to day basis like we don’t know that they are sins.

Democracy is not working for the poor…

First let me bring you to speed so you can understand what influences my opinion on this, it has been over 20 years and the majority of people especially in the rural villages don’t own any land at all. The land that they have built their houses on belongs to the tribunal council/ Traditional leaders, this is the same reason a lot of mining companies have occupied land without consulting the community as a whole because they do not own any land. How do you negotiate, or defend land you do not own?

Did You Know That South Africa Is The Drunkest Country In Africa?? Alcohol Abuse Is Becoming A Huge Problem!!

Are we failing to deal with the problem of alcohol abuse in South Africa?

What are we doing right as a country? We distribute condoms to clubs and taverns and expect drunk people to use them, we do acknowledge alcohol impairs judgment but we also believe somehow when it comes to sex they will remember to use condoms. We are a country that produce and consumes more Alcohol than any other country on the continent and as a result we shouldn’t be shocked that we are moving into a state of special challenges that are a direct result of alcohol abuse.

Your Mind Is Your Worst Enemy, Here’s How To Win The Battle Against It!!

Can your mind be like an enemy? Fighting you today and having you looking over your shoulder weary of the next attack tomorrow? YES! The thing with the mind is that it keeps record of all the things we acknowledge and all those we intentionally don’t, and because of that, the information we retain can and will, fight against us. How? Well, ever had a thought go through your mind where you had to literally shake yourself out of it, then ask why in the world would you think of something like that? The mind is a powerful tool, both a blessing and a curse.

Burning Our Learning Institutions Isn’t Gonna Help Us In Our Fight For Free Education!!

If we carry on like this I can assure you my generation will go down in the books of history as the most destructive and arson driven generation ever. My generation will one day have to apologize for burning down all the universities in an attempt to take the system head on. History has a way of taking one side of the story and if we are not careful the system will win this battle and discredit our entire genuine legal and valid struggle.


When history takes stock of each of our individual contributions to society and the progress of mankind, particularly the prosperity of black people, house niggers like Mmusi Maimane and groups of self-loathing black folk will find themselves on the wrong side of that history. I refer to these sorry souls as house niggers because as Africans are meted abuse on a daily basis, these individuals have imposed themselves as bodyguards of white privilege, defending their masters at every opportunity whenever freedom loving and equality yearning natives speak out against racism. Theirs is to pacify black anger and portray black pain as an exaggeration, an attention seeking stunt by a people who are supposedly lazy by nature. These are lessons they have absorbed directly from the master hence their religious stance; that their race, a black race, is inherently dumb and they, by their proximity to the white man are special. ‘You are not like the others’, I imagine the master would assure them.

BLACK PEOPLE GET RICH, NOT WEALTHY!!! (One Pay Cheque Away From Being Bankrupt)

Article By Rawlings Khoza

I know you probably asking “What’s the difference?”… Okay let me break it down for you. First of all wealth will set black people free, because wealth is empowering, wealth can uplift communities from poverty. When a white person gets money, he will build businesses and empower other white people, but when a black guy gets money, he will buy jewelry and cars. Please do not get me wrong, I am not looking down on us black people; this is just an observation I made. The government isn’t doing anything to help those who actually want to start a business and build empires.

RED TAPE (How It Took Me A Decade To decide To Take Up The Entrepreneurship Journey)

Article By Brigette Mashile
I have been an entrepreneur for all of 3 years now.  Not much hey.  Well believe me it feels like 30 years.  But surprisingly I am still at it. I have witnessed fear, frustration, worry, stress, hesitation, passion, disappointment, and best of all failure.  In one simple sentence I can say it’s been deep. I have a million reasons why it has been so challenging but what keeps me going is more worthy than those reasons. Literally what keeps me going is the fact that success is certain. Even after a hectic day with losses and a zero balance in my bank account, I am still sure that success is certain.